Advanced Beginner Salsa expand_more

New Session Begins July 22nd. Registration is NOW OPEN.

Focusing on single and double copa turns.

Jose Mateo Ballet Theatre (map)


Solidify your leading and following technique.

This level has four different curricula and is where you learn all the standard Salsa turns and how to combine them together. This first half hour of class rotates through upper body movement, lower body movement & freestyle footwork, musicality & salsa instrumentation, and ladies' & men's styling. The four different curricula focus on the following concepts all set in different contexts and using different hand positions:

  1. Reverse cross-body lead & outside turn

  2. Inside turn checks, wraps and sweeps,

  3. Single and double copa turns

  4. Single and double checks

Intermediate Salsa expand_more

New Session Begins July 23rd. Registration is NOW OPEN.

Footwork and partner-work.

Jose Mateo Ballet Theatre (map)


Take your dancing to new heights.

Intermediate Salsa helps students experience more challenging concepts, turns and techniques. It also acts as a bridge for those who want to move on to an intensive training program or performance team. This class teaches more complex turn patterns with a greater variety of leads and footwork.  One of the main focuses is spinning technique, which prepares both followers and leaders to execute multiple turns. Occasionally an in-depth 5-week course on Musicality and Rhythm is offered to help students enrich their dancing through a better understanding of and connection with the music.

Beginner Salsa 1 expand_more

New Session Begins July 23rd. Registration is NOW OPEN.

Basic footwork and partnering technique.

Jose Mateo Ballet Theatre (map)


Develop a solid foundation of Salsa dancing.

This class starts with understanding salsa music’s rhythm and timing in addition to a brief history of the music and dance. You will learn the basic steps and partnering fundamentals.  It will then move on to cover basic body movement, right turn, hesitation left turn, and cross-body lead. Learn simple turn patterns to get you out on the dance floor.



Beginner Salsa Level 2 expand_more

New Session Begins on July 18th. Registration is NOW OPEN.

Basic footwork and partner-work.

The Dance Complex (map)


Start adding some flavor to your dancing

This class reviews cross-body lead and covers inside turn, half right turn, and cumbia turns, combining them with basic right and left turns. Partnering technique is emphasized focusing on proper hand/arm hold and placement. Freestyle footwork and musicality is also introduced.